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A1SolarStore is an online solar equipment store. We have a great selection of solar panels and auxiliary components for different types of solar installations.

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Homeowners and companies can easily find everything they need for a PV system in one place: solar panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers and addons.

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We take a customized approach to everything we do. Our solar calculator helps design a PV system in a couple of minutes. There are also lots of useful articles and guides to assist you along the way to a greener future.

Get a 6% commission for every successful referral!

Product Type Average bill You earn
Solar Equipment $1,700 $102
Solar PV System $6,900 $414


Solar panels get so cheap that Europeans use them to make fences. Instead of building a rooftop solar system, households in the Netherlands and Germany stick them into the ground and call it a day. 🤯

Even though these panels don't catch as much sunlight as they would on a roof, solar fences save a lot of money on labor and building costs, experts say. Europeans have also been experiencing delays in standard solar systems to power grids. Labor costs and long waiting times provoke a bit of a DIY mentality. 😏

In the US, the price of solar panels dropped 12% throughout 2023 while the labor went in price 5-25%. The overall cost of a solar system grew by 3% on average. This means we might see similar applications of solar panels in the US. What do you think?